15 Gifts to Grow points

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10 Gifts to Grow points

Thanksgiving is already here, I can’t believe it! Before we come together and give thanks (and eat til we need to be rolled away from the table), make sure you add these ‪#‎pampers‬ ‪#‎giftstogrow‬ points to your accounts! This 10 point code will be good until Wednesday the 25th! I am so thankful for all I have and I hope everyone has an amazing day with their loved ones. Here are the points for this Thanksgiving holiday 2015! Continue reading

Favorite Instagram Shops- Vol. 5- Legacy Learning Academy

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August is over guys! When did that happen? Soon I’ll be starting a new routine aka waking up early since my baby boy will be starting school! Play camp turned out to be really successful! Like I mentioned in my other post, before Leti was born, it was always just the 2 of us and our dog Beanie at home during the day waiting for Papi to get out of work. Now with my partner in crime leaving the nest, ( ok he’s only going to preschool.. and it is only for 2 and half hours but still.. don’t judge me )  hahaha, my first thought was to find something special to use during one on one time with Leti until it’s time for Raulito to come home. Light bulb moment! What better way to make use of this time than with our favorite items from Legacy Learning Academy! From colorful wooden magnetic numbers and letters to personalized laminated sheets with your child’ s name on it, this shop has thought of everything you could need to spread the joy of learning!

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