15 Gifts to Grow points -EXPIRED

Hi friends! I’m back and I bring more gifts LOL! I hope you are ready for 2 more codes that are free for your taking! You have some time to enter them both before they expire but don’t wait too long!

       Oh Sadie ❤

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10 Gifts to Grow points

Log in to your Pampers Gifts to Grow account and enter this new code to your growing stash! Finding these codes for you guys is like getting my hands on a secret treasure that I actually want to share instead of keep to myself LOL!

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Add some flavor to your life with FlavFusion!

Happy Saturday! How fast is summer 2015 flying tho? I am still in denial that today is the 1st of August! I hope everyone’s summer has been as memorable as ours! While these past couple months had lots of “colder than expected” days, the heat always made its presence known 😥 lol. One thing that helped me through those hot summer days was my new infuser water bottle by FlavFusion. Leti and Raulito both love water so this was the perfect Mami and Me review for us, keep reading to find out if it’s a thumbs up!

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Calling all bath lovers!


Raulito and Leti are obsessed with bubble baths and currently uses a famous pink one *coughmrbubblecough* but I know that it’s not the best one out there for their sensitive skin. I’d love to hear any and all of your favorite bubble bath products you have in the tub for your little ones! Thanks guys!

Cool product alert!

Now let me tell you, this Chicago weather has been crazy going from standing in front of  airconditioners hot to pulling on sweaters cold in a matter of hours. When the weather cooperates, you can find us outside getting some Vitamin D. There is just something about summer time that makes me want to go bike riding. Since I don’t have my own bike at the moment, I live vicariously through the kids!
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